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Regenex Corporation is the premier extruder of recycled rigid vinyl in North America. From small parts like window accessories, to larger profiles such as fence and deck, Regenex has the expertise to provide you with high-quality extruded vinyl products at a fraction of the cost of virgin vinyl extrusions.

We at Regenex believe strongly in recycling, as a responsibility to the planet, and to our children and future generations. However, we also believe that recycling can make sense from an economic standpoint. In fact, we view Recycling as one of the pillars of a successful business, along with Quality, Service, and Price.

If you are a vinyl window manufacturer, Regenex can save you money on your accessory extrusions, as well as helping you to cost-effectively recycle your vinyl scrap. Check out our **NEW** Just Released Catalogue to see which parts we may already have available to fit your window system.

If you are looking for an extruder for a product to be made from rigid vinyl, let us show you how recycled vinyl can be both a higher quality and lower cost alternative to virgin vinyl. Our custom extrusion capabilities are described in detail on the custom extrusions page.