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1. Q.) How does the quality of Regenex extrusions compare to the extrusions that I purchase from my primary extrusion supplier?

A.) Regenex utilizes state of the art tooling and special screw technology to provide extrusions that are of exceptional quality, despite being run from recycled vinyl. We are very aware that our customers may scrutinize our extrusions extra carefully, and our continued existence depends upon shipping them parts that are indistinguishable from virgin vinyl.

2. Q.) Will your accessory extrusions be an exact color match with the frame and sash extrusions provided by my existing supplier?

A.) Because you are providing the raw material for your accessory extrusions, the color will be an exact match. Many primary extruders currently contract out the production of accessory extrusions to other custom extrusion companies. Not only do they lose control of the quality and have to charge an additional mark-up, but the color may not be an exact match.

3. Q.) Are your extrusions as weatherable as those made from virgin vinyl?

A.) The ingredients that affect weatherability and UV resistance are not affected by the extrusion process. Extrusions that are made from recycled vinyl are every bit as weatherable as those made from virgin vinyl. Ductility, or impact resistance, may actually be enhanced by the fact that recycled vinyl must be extruded at a higher temperature to overcome the previous heat history. This activates the impact modifiers to a greater extent.

4. Q.) My primary extruder gives me free delivery if I buy in truckload quantities. If I purchase accessory extrusions from Regenex, won't my savings be eaten up in higher freight costs?

A.) Regenex handles all freight charges on all regularly scheduled deliveries, so you will receive free delivery even on small orders. We typically utilize our own truck to deliver your extrusions and pick up your vinyl scrap. Most of our customers are on a regular delivery / pick-up schedule, so you can have confidence in knowing when your material will arrive, and when your vinyl scrap will be removed.

5. Q.) Can Regenex accept scrap with weatherstrip attached, or scrap that is capstocked, laminated, or foam-filled for recycling?

A.) All of this vinyl scrap is suitable for recycling, and should not be thrown away. Regenex technology will remove better than 99 percent of the non-vinyl contaminants, yielding a regrind that is very suitable for extrusion into heavier walled parts such as pipe, fencing, and decking. Regenex does not use this lower grade regrind to produce your window accessory parts, however.

6. Q.) How are Regenex extrusions packaged?

A.) Regenex will package your extrusions to your specifications. We offer boxes, plastic-wrapped, masterpacks, and racks, in lengths from a few inches (sash stop cut to length in line) to 21 feet. We will accommodate any specialty packaging request.

7.) Q.) Our company does not have a lot of storage space for vinyl scrap. Do I need to accumulate a truckload of scrap before Regenex will pick it up?

A.) Regenex tries to group window fabricators in a region to provide more frequent service. We typically will be able to pick up as few as 12-15 gaylords of scrap at a time.

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